Runnin’ Down a Dream, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers


We began this project in a cold and dusty vault,  digging through an accumulation of 50 years of boxes. It felt a bit like a treasure hunt and some of the gems we found were unlabeled film reels that had never been shown before – film that even the band was surprised and delighted to see. Editing this film with the hilarious, rebellious, smart, and incredibly talented Tom Petty was a rich and rewarding experience. Winning the Grammy Award wasn’t bad either!

For more info on our workflow see this article on Digital Films



Lord Of The Rings

Interviews-World Premiere

We had the good fortune of interviewing the Director, Sir Peter Jackson and the amazing, beautiful, and exhausted cast of the third and final film in this celebrated trilogy. It was a packed world premiere event with barely room for another stiletto heel to cleave the red carpet.



Sound Editor

Amazing archival film footage to work with and a truly dedicated Director, Chuck Workman  and very talented post production crew. This is the story of a fascinating group of artists breaking all the rules working in a time like no other.


Charlie’s Angels

Field Producer, WAM Movie News

Sitting between the three Angels on the couch, our host the young Fred Medill, got teased mercilessly during the interview and loved every minute of it. These three women are very feisty and have a great sense of humor.


Monster’s Ball

Field Producer, Cast Interview

There are some people you notice when they enter a room, who seem as if they are lit within. Halle Berry is one of those people. Talented, beautiful, powerful, and surprisingly humble when we interviewed her in the wake of winning her Academy Award.


Feeling Minnesota

Movie Trailer Editor, Teasers & TV Commercials

Cutting trailers is flat out fun and creative. Many times the movie is still in production and you need to fill in the gaps and  create many of the supporting elements. From finding the right music to creating layers of sound effects, and sometimes even dialogue. A lot rides on the success of a film campaign and you certainly feel it when you are working on one.


The New York Rock and Soul Revue


This concert film includes Steely Dan, Phoebe Snow, Boz Scaggs and Charles Brown. Michael McDonald’s gorgeous, scratchy, velvet vocals provide punch  and power throughout this show.


Marie Antoinette

Press Junket- Field Producer

At the press junket for this film we interviewed the interesting Director Sofia Coppola and various cast members, including Kirsten Dunst. This film is truly imaginative in its treatment of history and use of modern music.


Michael McDonald-A Gathering of Friends


A terrific group of musicians come together to honor the work of Michael McDonald. Jeff Bridges Mc’s and show highlights include duets with Kenny Loggins and Wendy Moten.


Concert for Bangladesh- Reissue

Field Producer /Director/Editor Press Package/ Director for Panel at USC’s Anneneberg School 

As part of the celebration of this reissue of this ledendary film we shot several events including  a touching performance featuring Ringo Starr on drums, Richie Havens on keyboards and George Harrison’s son, Dhani Harrison singing “Here Comes the Sun”.


Shrek 2

Field producer, World Premiere

You don’t often shoot a world premiere in the middle of the day or see a bunch of happy children on the red carpet, but for the Shrek 2 world premiere Eddie Murphy brought all the kids as did Shaquille O’Neal and Sylvester Stallone.


The Hunted Horse

Director, Producer, Editor

This Documentary reveals the conflict and challenge of managing “Wild Horses” and the groundbreaking prison rehabilitation program that brought wild horses and prison inmates together to gentle one another. This film is currently in post production.

The Shape of Water

Addl. Editing

This documentary weaves together several stories of women who are making huge changes in the world truly against all of the odds. Their spirit and strength is awe inspiring.


The Power & Pleasure of Music

Writer, Director

This Documentary Explores the powerful effect music has on culture, health, spirituality, emotion, and the intellect. This film is currently in development.We welcome inquiries on this project.



Apprentice Editor

This movie tells the story of the flamboyant governor of Louisiana. One of the first features I worked on. Beautifully shot by Haskel Wexler and edited by the best editing teams in the business, the same team that continues to edit many of Rob Reiners very successful and hilarious films.


Delta of Venus

Trailer Editor

Based on a novel by Anais Nin, this film takes place in Paris on the brink of World War II. Definitely the steamiest footage I ever worked with. (Whew!)


Grand Canyon

Music Video Editor

I cut a Music Video from this Lawrence Kasden film, featuring Warren Zevon who contributed much to the soundtrack of this film about LA in the early 90’s. Great footage to work with of an amazing ensemble cast including Kevin Cline, Danny Glover, Alfre Woodard, and a rather serious Steve Martin.