Music Projects

Electronic Press Kits (EPK’S)

EPK’s are a great way to introduce a new project or celebrate the reissue of a classic. From directing to interviewing, copy-writing, graphic design, and finally, editing the footage – EPKS’s are a lot of fun to work on. It’s like making a mini documentary with the artist about their creative process. EPK’s are often created to promote a new album, concert or special event. We always consider it an honor to work this intimately, behind the scenes, in the studio and rehearsals, with the most interesting artists in the business. Here is a list of some of those artists:



Red Hot Chili Peppers


Elvis Costello

Joni Mitchell



Bob Dylan

Tom Petty



Michael Jackson

Paul Simon

Fleetwood Mac


Steely Dan

George Duke

James Taylor


Curtis Mayfield

Singing Cowboys

David Lynch

Music Videos

Working with images and music is one of our favorite things. The biggest challenge lies in creating something new, while being emotionally moving, visually striking and staying true to the artist’s intention. These are some of the artists whose music videos we either edited, directed or both.


Paula Abdul

Paula Cole

Miles Davis


Van Halen

The Blue Nile

Dave Koz

Frank Sinatra

Bruce Sringsteen

Bonnie Raitt



Sheryl Crow

Stevie Wonder

Dixie Chicks

Chris Isaak

*Please note video clips are not included on this website honoring our clients and current copyright laws. Please contact us for more information.